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Say goodbye to dark circles and under-eye bags

The tear trough is the area below your eye which, when appearing hollow, can make you look tired. This can sometimes be present from an early age. We use a tear trough dermal filler treatment in order to correct this by plumping up the tear trough, leaving you looking fresher and younger. Carefully placed dermal filler with a cannula adds volume to the eye area, reducing the darkness, hollows and wrinkles.

A lot of our clients who visit our clinic in London have some under-eye puffiness, hollowing and also some pigmentation under their eyes. Although Dermal Filler for tear troughs do not treat pigmentation, it can help to reduce the appearance of darkening, often caused by the shadowing from hollow tear troughs, by lifting and filling the darkened space. The pigmentation is then treated with a chemical peel.



Teosyal Redensity II is our preferred product because It is the only dermal filler currently licensed for use in tear trough correction. It contains a mixture of cross-linked and non cross-linked hyaluronic acid which gives it the right viscoelastic properties for filling hollows in the tear trough area and restore volume. This can help to reduce dark circles and hollowing under the eyes which can make you look permanently tired. It also contains a mixture of vitamins and anti-oxidants which help restore skin hydration, hence smoothing fine lines and wrinkles in the under eye area and also promote skin cell regeneration and even out skin tone. It improves surface hydration and texture, further helping reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Procedures on your eyes need to be carried out by a trained and specialist health care professional like Rupesh. We use a cannula method that involves placing the dermal filler deep which reduces the risk of lumpiness.

Using 1ml of Dermal Filler with the Cannula technique, Rupesh will reduce the hollowing and shadowing that was causes a your eyes to look puffy, dark and tired. This gives our patients a more rejuvenated and refreshed look. The treatment is very comfortable. The dermal filler contains a local anaesthetic within itself which makes it actually a very comfortable treatment.


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